Broken Nose Makeup


1 blockbuster

1 Best Actress award

2 commercials

4 voice-overs

4.5* feature films

5 musicals

5 Best Actress nominations

12 miscellaneous **

13 short films

14 lead roles

20+ plays


* That’s what you get when a movie runs out of cash halfway through filming.

** If you’re curious about this one, click the résumé button.

Death Eater. Desperate Mother. Doctor. Femme Fatale. Psychopath. Fork... (don't ask).

You name a character type, I’ve probably played it. And loved every minute.

I have an international feature film coming out in 2022, so watch this space . . . or you can:

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And just for fun...

go look at why I was paid good money to have my hair dyed ginger

Look of Fear
Stage Combat
Alice Walker
Answer the door
Kollywood movie director


I recently played a supporting role in an international movie set in India. I’m incredibly excited to see how it will fare, because the writer/director/producer is a genius. To top it all, he’s a genuinely lovely guy. I truly hope his movie makes it big.

I have to keep it all under wraps for the moment, but as soon as I can, I will post an update on here.

In the meantime, why don’t you Watch my Comedy Reel, below. It’s only a couple of minutes. You were looking for a reason to hang around a bit longer, weren’t you?

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