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Who am I?

Just an actress (and accidental writer, producer & hopeaholic), who lives in fear of being filleted by her rescue cat. 

I hope you’ll spend some time with me (while I’m still in one piece), enjoying my videos & photos, perusing my inspirational blog, and checking out my news.

If you’d like to get in touch with me for work, please contact my agent: Mane & Rose Talent Management, tel: 020 3883 7877.

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P.S. In 2024 I will be appearing on streaming platforms...

playing a pivotal supporting role in VIVESINI, a ground-breaking Tamil/English feature film starring the highly acclaimed Nassar.

Fierce, passionate, determined. Powerful yet vulnerable. Sassy & fun...

These are the strong female roles in which I’m usually cast.

I’ve played a doctor, a lawyer, a hustler, a lover… and a psychopath (to name a few).

For a brief look at some of the highlights, watch my reel, below.


Broken Nose Makeup


1 best actress award

4 producer nominations (best feature film)

4.5* feature films

5 best actress nominations

5 musicals

12 miscellaneous **

13 short films

14 lead roles

20+ plays

* That’s what you get when a movie runs out of cash halfway through filming.

** If you’re curious about this one, click the résumé button.


Kollywood movie director


I’m incredibly excited about this supernatural thriller.

The writer/director/producer, Bhavan Rajagopalan, is a genius. And a genuinely lovely guy. I truly hope his movie gets seen by everyone. (And not just because I’m in it, honest.)

Fresh from a successful cinema run, VIVESINI will be on streaming platforms in 2024.

To watch the trailer with ENGLISH SUBTITLES, click on the link below — and then, in the YouTube video, click on CC, and choose TAMIL subtitles.


Vanessa reclines

You're still here? OK. I'll let you in on a secret...

Want to know why I was paid good money to have my hair dyed ginger?

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